Our Mission Department exists to instill a missionary vision and to encourage our congregation in the work of the Great Commission by providing the church with resources, personnel, evangelistic training, and opportunities to serve and to share as God provides. The Mission Department is comprised of three missions foci, Mission to the World, Mission to North America and Mission to Jackson. It is our sincere desire that every member of the Redeemer Church family will participate in the mission vision of Redeemer. Everyone can take the first step by simply committing to PRAY for our missionaries. The second step is also simple but requires just a little more commitment - FAITH PROMISE. Making a Faith Promise commitment is simply investing a dollar amount toward the support of our missionaries on the field - across the street and around the world. Another way someone can participate is by SERVING on one of our sub-committies, Mission to the World, Mission to North America and Mission to Jackson. These committees are designed to: Keep missions in front of our people through education and advocacy (equipping). Assist our missionaries to assess and to affirm their call to serve in missions (sending). Assist them with missions support (funding). Another way to participate is simply GOING .Each year we have a number of our members participating for differing amounts of time in ministry efforts in Jackson, in different parts of our United States and around the world. A number of our members have and are serving as full and part0time missionaries all over the world. We would enjoy walking with you as you decide how best to serve Christ, His church and the world through missions. For more information on how you can join us in missions, please contact: Bill Wallace dawntreaderII@juno.com 

What is Faith Promise Giving? We believe God is using Redeemer as part of His grand scheme to call His elect out from every nation, tribe and tongue. But reaching the world with the Gospel does not come cheap. There is a cost of our time, our energies, our skills, our spiritual gifts, and our resources. Jesus set the model for us in Scripture through His life of sacrifice. Redeemer's financial investment into missions is provided in two ways: a percentage of the general budget that is designated for Missions, and a mechanism called FAITH PROMISE GIVING. Faith Promise Giving is the sacrificial "over and above" giving of anticipated income and/or unexpected income that God provides. This is not a substitute for our regular giving and special offerings or committed gifts to the church. Along with Missions support provided through our regular giving, special gifts and offerings to the General Budget, Faith Promise Giving is an additional way we invest in Missions at Redeemer Church. It enables us to participate on a greater scale in the task of Missions at home and abroad. One hundred percent of the money raised through Faith Promise giving is used to support our missionaries. Thus, each member is urged to make a Faith Promise investment.