“The vigorous, continual planting of new congregations is the single most crucial strategy for  the numerical growth of the body of Christ in any city, and the continual corporate renewal and revival of the existing churches in the city.”  – Timothy Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, NYC



Since Redeemer Church began organizing as a congregation in 2004 the prayer has always been to plant more congregations. Nearly 10 years into the life of the church and many blessings later that prayer is starting to be tangibly answered.

This page is dedicated to the ongoing work of church planting in Jackson. Visit this page for the history and project of this endeavor.


Why Are We Planting a Church?

To make disciples and glorify God

Why did we choose this site?

Farish St.

The Farish St. district is a historically important region of the city where African American business and culture flourished.
Since the late 1960s the area has been in decline in terms of economics and population.
Although the once thriving district has encountered hard times and many missteps in the city’s plans for development, as an intentionally multi-ethnic and economically diverse church, we want to be part of Farish Street’s present and future.
Caption below picture: “In its mid-twentieth century heyday, Farish Street was the largest economically independent African American community in Mississippi.”


The Midtown neighborhood is full of promise.
It has a burgeoning art community and very active community members.
It is located near Baptist Hospital 

Where can I find Additional Information?

History of Farish St.
Future Housing Development: Helm Place
Non-Profit Organization: Midtown Partners, Inc. 
Article: "Why Plant Churches" by Tim Keller


Who is leading Redeemer's church planting efforts?

The Redeemer Church Planting Committee meets monthly to discuss the Farish St./Midtown church plant.
Ultimately, though, all church planting efforts must be approved by Redeemer’s Session of elders.

How can I help | Get involved?

Volunteer in the Farish St./Midtown area

Ask God to send a Church Planter to lead the church plant
Plead for hearts that ache to see unbelievers come to believe the gospel of Jesus Christ
Petition the Lord for the financial and people resources needed for this church plant
Prayerfully consider whether God is leading you to be part of the church plant when we reach that point.

We would love for you to join us at our midtown growth group that meets weekly at