Mission to North America

Mission To North America is our focused effort to bring the gospel of Christ to the people who inhabit the lands within the Continental United States and Canada. In their book, Lost In America, Tom Clegg and Warren Bird point out that due to the number of unchurched people residing in our country (approximately 150,000,000), the United States is now the largest mission field in the English-speaking world and fifth largest globally. Kent Hunter adds to this a challenging statement in his book, Move Your Church to Action, "The unchurched population is the United States is so extensive that if it were a nation it would be the fifth largest populated on the planet." Redeemer Church is committed to reaching this lost land with the gospel through Mission To North America. Through collaborative efforts with the mission agencies of the PCA, other approved mission agencies, domestic church planters and missionaries, Redeemer's members are sharing the good news of Jesus in word and deed with this ever growing lost generation. If you sense God calling you to reach North America with the gospel, please contact Steve Lanier at 601-362-9987 or slanier@redeemerjackson.com. There are so many ways you can be a part of our mission efforts right here at home. 

Mission to North America includes:

  • Chalmers Center
  • Palmer Home
  • Jim Stewart with Evangelism Explosion
  • Kevin Drewry with Fathers In The Field
  • Wy Plummer with MNA
  • MNA Disaster Response
  • MNA Special Needs Ministry
  • Chandra Crane (Intervarsity)
  • Cyril Chavis RUF/JSU
  • Jesse McCallister RUF/MC
  • Ian Hammond RUF Int'l/MC
  • RUF/Belhaven
  • The International Guest House in Oxford, MS 
  • Joey Stewart, RYM
  • Laura Horlings, Wycliffe

Church Planters:

  • Mike Winebrener with Christ Fellowship, in Horn Lake, MS
  • St. Roch Community Church, New Orleans, LA
  • Scott Moore at Trinity Family Ministries in Mobile, AL
  • Russ Whitfield at Grace Mosaic Church in Washington, DC
  • Leon Brown at Crown & Joy PCA (Richmond, VA)
  • Adam & Heather Viramontes at Duke City Church in Albuquerque, NM
  • J.P. Sibley with the Orangeburg Project in Orangeburg, SC