Mission to the World includes all missionaries and mission organizations that are reaching outside the Continental United States. Many are affiliated with Mission to the World (MTW), the foreign missions agency of the Presbyterian Church in America, but a number of them are affiliated with other churches or agencies. We are reaching a number of nations in Africa, Japan, China, Thailand, South Korea, Peru and the Middle East. For more information on how you can serve on our Mission to the World Committee or join a short or long-term team in other countries or serve those who are already on the field, please contact: Bill Wallace dawntreader.II@juno.com. 

  • Paul & Laura Chinchen serving in Malawi with African Bible Colleges and Universities in Malawi, Africa
  • The African Bible College Health Clinic in Malawi, Africa
  • The African Bible College Hearing Clinic in Malawi, Africa
  • Trey and Kiki Adams church planting in Thailand
  • Bentry Mhango with African Bible Colleges and Universities in Malawi
  • African Scholarship Exchange in Jackson, MS
  • Barrett and Bryanne Jones serving with SIM in Malawi, Africa
  • Jae and Hannah Yoo in Covenant church in Seoul, South Korea
  • East Asia Partnership
  • Chris Hatch, church planter of New City Fellowship in London, England
  • Brent Kooi with The Genesis International College in Osaka, Japan
  • Tom and Teresa Wilson serving in Nagasaki, Japan with MTW
  • Ellie Honea serving in Japan with MTW
  • Jon and Emily serving in Israel
  • Sarah Grafton - ministry to international students
  • Chuck McArthur with Equipping Leaders International
  • Erika McIntyre serving in China
  • Jonathan Prudhomme with CRU in Italy
  • Thomoas Slawson serving with InterAct
  • Brian and Mandy Stock in South Asia
  • Stuart and Meg Mills serving in Peru with Christian Mission Society (CMS)
  • Third Millennium Ministries providing free reformed education around the world