Come browse our collection of over 3,000 books, including many books that have been mentioned by Pastor Campbell in his sermons.  Peruse the latest editions of periodicals such as World, Christianity Today, By Faith, and Table Talk.  Sit and enjoy refreshments and current Christian periodicals.  And be sure to see our awesome new Kids’ Room! We also have hundreds of books which are duplicates of the titles in the library — they are free for the taking, first come, first served (donations appreciated).




The vision of the Redeemer Church Library is that all of the church’s members, visitors, and ministry participants would have a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, be striving toward spiritual maturity, and be actively engaged in ministry for the sake of the gospel.



The mission of the Redeemer Church Library is to prepare the church’s members, visitors, and ministry participants for greater love and service of the Lord Jesus Christ by providing them with resources that educate, equip, enlighten, and inspire.


Get Involved:

Volunteers are Needed in the Library to assist library patrons, check-out books, etc.  Please contact Alice Lusk if you would like more information.




Are children welcome in the library?

Absolutely! Children of all ages are encouraged to feel at home in the Library and to delight in selecting and reading books. Children are expected to be respectful of library furnishing and materials and of other patrons visiting the Library. Responsibility for the supervision, behavior, use of resources, and safety of children rests primarily with the child’s parent/guardian; parents may delegate this responsibility to a designated church caregiver or the coordinator of the ministry in which the child is participating.

Does the Library Accept Donations?

Redeemer is grateful for all the many people who have donated materials, money, and manpower to help establish the Library.  Future donations will be appreciated!

Gifts of books, videos, and current periodicals are welcome.  Please remember that inclusion of donated materials is guided by the Library’s collection development policy.

The Library has on display many books which are unneeded duplicates of library holdings or which were not added to the collection.  Members may have any of these books at no charge — or you might consider making a small donation to help us acquire new materials or furnishings.
Memorials:  If you would like to make a donation in honor or memory of someone, please see one of the Library staff so we may properly acknowledge the gift and notify the family of the person being honored.
Checks should be made payable to Redeemer Church and designated for the Library Special Fund.

How can I find the particular book or video I want?

Just ask! Library staff are available to provide guidance to patrons on the location of materials, availability of materials by a particular author or on a certain subject, and recommendations of materials the patron might enjoy.

The Library computer system houses the “card catalog” and provides patrons access to materials by author, title, and subject. Library staff are available to conduct searches for patrons and or to train patrons to use the online catalog, the internet, and other databases in order to conduct research.

How long may I keep the items I check out?

Materials may be checked out for two weeks. A patron may check out a maximum of five books, periodicals, and/or videos at one time. Only one renewal of each book, periodical, or video is permitted, after which it must be returned to the Library for at least thirty days before the same patron may recheck the item.

What if I am late returning my materials?

The Library does not levy fines or penalties for overdue materials. However, if an item still has not been returned two weeks after an overdue notice has been sent, the patron’s check-out privileges may be curtailed until the item is paid for or returned.

Where are materials located?

The Library is located between the Sanctuary and the Gathering Area. Books are grouped by subject using the Dewey Decimal System. The Library consists of the following three rooms:

Adult Area, including:

Bible Study Aids
The Christian Life
Young adult books & tapes

Sit-n-Sip, including:

Coffee & seating area for adults
Audio & video tapes, CDs

Kid’s Room, including:

Junior books
Children’s books
Toddler books
Reading/play area

Who may use the library?

Library materials are available for use by all Redeemer Church members, their relatives, and guests. All materials must be checked out in the name of a member or regular attender, who is responsible for the safe and timely return of the items.

A non-member who is a participant in one of the various outreach ministries of the church may, at the discretion of the coordinator of that ministry, register to use the collection.