Mission to Broadmoor

"Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." Mission 2 Broadmoor continues to be a blessing to our community, reflecting the nature of our Servant-King, Jesus Christ.

Wow! Our team has been amazing! Both homes each have a roof! We have demolished more damaged places and framed more new spaces. We worked with The Redeemer's School teachers to help them set up their classes for the start of school, pressure washed the church office and the entrance to the school, deep cleaned the carpet in the youth center and so much more. We painted a portion of one of our new homes. Along with the hard work came the fun that comes from hanging out together and playing together as we work side-by-side. We are proud of our youth and our adult members. We scraped glue from wood floors, demolished more cabinets in another house, added more siding and header to the addition to the house on Launcelot, worked on the second house, even sent our "tunnel rats" back underneath the house to clean out the crawl space. (R.K. and Jack have been an amazing team to take on such a task!) Tomorrow looks like the roofing team will arrive, and we hope to install some windows as well. GOOD JOB Redeemer Youth! There is always more space for any skill level to come and join the Mission to 2 Broadmoor!

Mission 2 Broadmoor's two-week mission concluded this afternoon. It was a remarkable time of ministry through prayerful and playful service. Jimmie Roush, better known as the sound man at the church, lead our teams with grace, amazing construction skills and knowledge. Ryan Dean and Lara Jensen were tremendous leaders of our Redeemer youth, and our youth were off the chart servant-leaders in their own right. We are thankful for our dear friends from Meadowview, PCA, coming here to help us love on our neighbors well. THANK YOU to all our volunteer help, our kitchen crews and the professional support of Mr. Rusty Ellis. We will have a report this Sunday during the Sunday school hour. Jimmy will share how we can still get involved in Mission 2 Broadmoor even after the two weeks are now complete. - Steve Lanier



Sometimes us "older folks" tend to lament about the good Ole days, talk about how kids today have it so much easier than we did when we didn't have cell phones and air conditioning and had to walk to school and back every day, uphill both ways, but this past week I had the privilege of working with a group of "youngsters" from Redeemer' youth group that debunked that mindset. They worked hard all week in Mississippi heat and humidity without complaining. They did everything they were asked to do and did it well. There was no job too gross or hard that they didn't jump right into. The hardest part was staying ahead of them with plans for the next project. Thanks so much Redeemer Youth for your attitude, your hard labor and your servant hearts! - Jimmy Roush