Welcome to Pipeline! 

Mission Statement:
We exist to serve Redeemer Church by providing fellowship, Biblical answers to core questions and a pipeline into the local church for our young adults.

Core Values:

  • Fellowship: We promote a missional community that is centered around the gospel and safe for sinners. This gospel compels us to love God and our neighbors, which creates a community that is unified, yet diverse.

  • Biblical Answers to Questions: We seek to address core questions and concerns of young adults by pointing to Biblical truth, sound theology and practical application. 

  • Pipeline into the Local Church: We desire to draw young adults into the life of the local church, which is God’s original design for believers, equipping them to serve the broader community.

Vision Statement:
As a ministry of Redeemer built on the foundation of the gospel, our responsibility is to cultivate a community of men and women who are spiritually mature, relationally diverse, culturally aware and theologically equipped to carry out the Great Commission to Jackson and the world.

What does this look like?

  • Young adults who give their energy, resources and time in various ministries throughout Redeemer
  • Relationships among young adults that are ethnically, economically and culturally diverse
  • Young adults who are culturally aware and theologically equipped to invest in their community

Dates and Times:

If you would like to receive email and text updates about upcoming events please contact Detrick Johnson at (601) 672-7214 or follow us on Facebook.